About the Artist

DoodleNinja is a solo operation, managed entirely by Rumana Haaris. Read more about her below.


The DoodleNinja Story

Rumana Haaris is a Data Analyst turned Doodle Artist who specializes in creating happy, upbeat, energy-filled doodles for people across the world. Fine Art, Mandala Art, Illustration, Doodles, Branding, Calligraphy & Hand Lettering are her strengths. She can be found helping people connect with their life story on a personable level with her artwork.

Doodle Ninja started up in 2016, and she has been on an epic ride and hasn’t slowed down ever since.
She is jack of all trades, master of a couple. She spends most of her time customizing one-of-a-kind pieces for fashion companies, large corporations, and small businesses or just random people. She has worked with clients big and small around the world.

Her specialty is making custom or personalized doodles (handmade and digital). She has been held at gunpoint in Bangalore, cycling & backpacking in Coorg, and camping in her farm. Her love of travel and breadth of experience informs and directs her work. She is also an amateur wildlife & nature photographer & a fitness addict.

She owes a huge thanks to all her customers for joining her on this awesome journey, and she hopes that you’ll continue to be a part of her story.

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